Moved my art to Blogger

30 Mar

Thank you for visiting.


I have moved my art direction over to Blogger, so that it is purely focused on promoting my own art. Please visit my new art blog at:

I may still add inspiration, other art and creative articles here, so feel free to keep checking in.

Have a great and special Easter weekend!


Great DIY Headboard Ideas

30 Aug

I found these  great ideas to make your own headboards on homedit.

I especially like the one using a unique room divider:

The chalk board one is pretty sweet too:

My First Acrylic Painting – Rimmel (2004)

24 Jun

I know this is out of chronological order but this was my first painting using Acrylic. I had previously only painted using watercolour, at school.

I had been injured while playing with my husband (boyfriend at the time) outside, like a little kid, and was booked off work for about 2 weeks. I had been holding onto a Rimmel print add for a while, showing dramatic yellow eye shadow, and loved it! I was inspired to paint.

Completed the painting in one day and framed it the next, with my precious late father. My boyfriend (now husband) was amazed, when he came  to visit to see how I was doing, and saw what had been created.

I love the way the lips came out. It is striking overall and makes for a dramatic & bold piece. I still have this painting and think it is good for me to keep my first ever acrylic.

When I have the vision and trust my God given talent I know it is possible to create.

I want to celebrate the blessed gift God has given me and use it to his benefit and for others.

Thank you dear Lord.


‘Fine Lines’ Solo Art Exhibition, by Louise Hall – KZNSA

15 Jun

Durban’s KZNSA presents Louise Halls ‘Fine Lines’ exhibition starting on 19 June, at 6pm, to 8 July 2012.

“When we are on our way somewhere – anything can happen…. These uncertainties are made more pressing, in the South African context, by extreme violence, poverty and the effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, as well as on a global level – climate change, economic uncertainty and political fracturing.  In a way this work is my attempt to come to terms with some of these challenges on a personal level,” says Louise (taken from the KZNSA site).

The exhibition will be opened by Professor Juliet Armstrong.

I am interested to see Louise’ exhibition. Her artworks look intricately detailed and have deep meaning and relevance to South African issues.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Drawn In – The Collective Art Gallery

4 Jun

The “Drawn In” Art Exhibition exhibits the works of

Illustrators and Animators from Durban.

Where: The Collective Art Gallery, Durban Florida Rd,

When: 28 May to 9 June 2012

Art in the Park Experience

3 Jun

What an awesome day at Art in the Park. There was quite a chill in the air and the sky was golden just as I hoped for. I went with my gorgeous husband and lovely mother-in-law.

There were amazing Artworks to be seen. I started clicking away and then saw the sign that no photographs are to be taken without consent. So out of respect I stopped but so wanted to take more.

The walk down the avenue of trees to the venue:


You could hear music in the distance and when we got close this is what we saw:

The little boy playing the guitar was so cute.


Here are some of the art pics I snapped in the beginning:



A great day!

Art In The Park – 50th Anniversary

30 May

It’s Art In the Park time again and it’s their 50th Anniversary which is something to celebrate, congratulations!

Set under a spectacular grove of London plane trees on the banks of the Umsunduzi River. I’m looking forward to going and experiencing the art, the weather and atmosphere.


The exhibition is open 30 May to 3 June, from 10 am to 8 pm Wednesday to Saturday, and Sunday 9am to 4pm.

A nominal R10 entrance fee will be levied with children under 12 allowed in free.

Physical Address
177 Chief Albert Luthuli Street

Enjoy! 😉

The Cherry On Top

13 Jan

I delivered my artwork to the KZNSA Art Gallery for the Annual Members Exhibition.

I feel quite disappointed that I did not do my original big idea – too much, too soon. It is my own fault I should’ve planned earlier and not decided only 2 weeks ago to enter. Although I am pleased that I did not give up and still entered.

Yesterday I completed a painting of a cake (wedding cake like) with the words “Life is a Celebration” but it just did not look or feel like me, was more childlike. At about 8:30 last night I painted over the whole painting, only had one canvas, and tried to come up with a new idea. After toying with the idea of painting a lady’s face blowing a kiss with big red lips I decided to paint a big red cherry on top of a cake. I just felt like painting a glossy cherry.

I don’t have much inspiration at the moment but this is the point of this site and the exhibition, to push me to start and discover my creative side again.

The curator said the composition is good and liked it, shew what a relief.

It’s called “The Cherry On Top” and the meaning is:

By doing what you love and are passionate about, you will realize the rewards are bigger and better than you could ever imagine.

Happy New Year

1 Jan

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope it is a richly blessed fantastic year, filled with lots of art, vision, hope, love, happiness and creative growth.

This year I’m toasting to focusing on my art.

A good motivation to get started is the annual members exhibition at KZNSA Art Gallery. The theme is RED and artworks need to be in by 12 and 13 January, show opens on 17 January.

I only just decided to enter this past weekend so time is not a luxury but I have some great ideas. You know when you can actually see the finished product or artwork as if it is already there? Then I know it is the right thing and I can accomplish it.

My idea is quite large in scale and comprises of a lot of wood work (a new medium for me) but I really want to do it! Hope I can get it done in time.

Happy painting, creating and arting – to doing what you are good at and love!


Turning Around Your Limiting Beliefs

18 Sep

I find it quite hard to get many things done when working all day and then trying to be creative, do exercise, be a great wife, friend, sister, daughter and look after the home. I am so grateful for everything I have that I get overwhelmed when I think I may not be making the most of everything.

I stumbled across Olga Degtyareva’s blog while looking for ideas or inspiration for prioritizing my work and found a whole lot more… I love Olga’s true, honest and absolutely helpful advice to being productive and accomplished. She gives examples through her own experience and explains how she came about her learning’s.

Olga Degtyareva is an award-winning research scientist and a mother of two who blogs about peaceful productivity at our workplace. Her weekly Productivity Insights ezine is published every Friday. If you are willing to start increasing productivity at your work place while feeling happier and more on purpose then join Olga’s community at

I read her article “Turning around your limiting beliefs” and found it very inspirational for overcoming my own obstacles that hold me back from accomplishing my hearts desire, work projects or anything else I want or need to do.

Turning Around Your Limiting Beliefs – by Olga Degtyareva

One way of looking at your productivity and creativity is to find out what you need to do or get in order to achieve your goals.

There is a different approach to a productive accomplishment of your goals.  It is to look at what we need to let go of to unblock and enable the flow of our productivity and creativity in the direction of our goals. It is to look at the most limiting beliefs and mindsets that stop us propelling towards our goals.

The truth is that to be successful you need to recognise and then release your assumptions about yourself and your ability to accomplish what you want. The truth is that we create obstacles for ourselves believing the limiting thoughts we have about ourselves and our abilities.

The more you become aware of your thoughts, the more you realise how limited you are by your assumptions. The more you will be able of release them or even better turn them around into empowering statements! 🙂

Let’s look at some examples of limiting beliefs to give you an idea so that you start identifying you own.

When you think about your goal or desire, do you find yourself saying: “I won’t manageit time wise (so I won’t even bother starting)”. Or “Do you know HOW LONG it is going to take me to accomplish it? (So I won’t even try…)”

Yes you might think, there is just not enough time to achieve everything you need to achieve for your dream to become a reality. Especially when you want to achieve something that is not your main project at work. When the only way to achieve your goal is by working on it in small windows of time you get here and there, in between working on your main project.

So what happens if you belief this assumption? You don’t even start working towards your aim! And in a year’s time you find yourself in the same spot as you are now, far away from realising your goal.

The first step to overcoming this obstacle is to ask yourself: “Is it true?” (This question is the backbone of The Work of Byron Katie, check it out. I am a huge fan of her work but this is subject for another article :-))

Most probably your answer to this question would be No, it is not true.

Now turn around this belief into something like this: “I have all the time in the world to make my dream become a reality”. Is this true, or even truer?

With this thought you are empowered to use every small window of time for working towards your goal, and in a year’s time you’ll find yourself much closer to your dream.

Plus you’ll have all the benefits of living your passion and feeling happier and more on purpose while you are working on making your dream become reality.

This is exactly what I found when I started working on building my website and blog on Peaceful Productivity for Creative Types, using every half an hour here and there available between my research projects at Uni and spending time with my two children.

Another limiting belief you might recognise in your thought patterns is this one. “I’ll be sorry for the time and money wasted when I fail”. This was certainly the one that was stopping me from moving forward. You can turn it around into an empowering thought such as “There is no failure only feedback”. You may come up with something else.

An example that I personally found very useful was to turn around “I don’t have enough knowledge and resources to succeed” into “I find all the resources I need to succeed as I move along and I learn everyday everything I need to know”.

Start now by looking deep inside you to find those thought patterns and beliefs that stop you in your movement towards your goal. You can write down your limiting beliefs, as my coach Christine Kane made me do, for which I am so grateful to her 🙂 Give each of the limiting beliefs your full attention and find a turn-around. Then post the list of your turn-arounds somewhere you can see them to empower yourself on a daily basis on your way to success.

Happy accomplishing!